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Project: HOLLOW
Designers: Hannes Gumpp / Max Gumpp
Materials: prototype in lasercut sheet metal, powder coated
Year: 2008

Abstract / formal approach to furniture.

One sheet of metal, lasercut and bent in two directions.

Weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.

As the main aspect of the design is its shape,

it allows a switch in materials.






Project: LATTEN (LattenStuhlDeutschland)
Designers: Max Gumpp / Hannes Gumpp
Materials: pinewood / hdf
Year: 2008
Manufacturer: ABR.








Project: SPECIAL-K
Designer: Hannes Gumpp
Materials: aluminium / velcro /synthetic rubber
Year: 2000 / 2008





Designer: Hannes Gumpp
Materials: various fabrics / expanding polyurethane resin
Year: 2005 / 2008





Project: STUDIES
Designer: Hannes Gumpp
School: AdBK Stuttgart, Departments of Architecture & Industrial Design
Year: 1999 / 2005